Saturday, March 3, 2012

To N.T. or Not to N.T.

No discussion of trauma impacted kids and families is complete without weighing in on one very important topic. The N.T. issue...

Nancy Thomas

I love her. I have read her books, bought the DVDs, followed her advice, spent a week at camp with her and watched her. She is delightful, funny, and compassionate.
I don't necessarily  have the maturity, attitude, joy of spirit or whatever it is that makes her ministry to children so powerful. I suspect most people don't have the verve to pull off her techniques with the same respectful, healing, and positive attitude she employs. That does not make her wrong.

Do we as a family follow all of her methods?
Heck no! We're in California. We're not crazy!
We try not to even say the words 'strong' and 'sit' in the same sentence.
Although..... our kids have been known to practice Brain Gym exercises which do require the taylor sit position (gasp).

Come to think of it, the Sacramento Bee ran a large spread a couple years ago reporting on  the benefits of "meditation" in public school classrooms. They noted decreased disciplinary issues and improved academics. In what position do think the children were photographed for the paper? Hmmmm.

We trauma moms, dads, and therapists are a very small community. Look at us, we are on  the internet trying to find each other and connect! We are often living in the trenches that others can't imagine. It is so sad that we have been known to turn on each other like wolves. We love children. We love hurting, hurtful children who are often very difficult to treat. They need us to do the best we possibly can. They need us to keep learning and trying and praying.

Even if we don't all agree, we are the home team. I wish we would support our players.


  1. Hey Micheala,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment! You are so correct that we are a small community and need to be supporting each other. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!