Friday, March 2, 2012

Cute Kid Quote

Number three (this really can't continue!) my 9 year old, has multiple diagnoses that affect everyday function. He has been labeled as on the Autism Spectrum, has OCD, and is, well.... a 9 year old boy. In other words, he is constantly being told, "Too loud, buddy." etc.

Recently we had some local coyote activity in the middle of the night. The conversation that followed, priceless!

3-       I heard lots of people screaming last night!
Me-   Oh honey,  those were coyotes howling.
3-       Hmmm.......    Mom?
Me-   Yes?
 3-      I wish I was a coyote.
Me-    Really? Why?
3-       'Cause they get to make all that noise!

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