Friday, March 16, 2012

The One Hundred LEGO Tower

No, it's not some cool, esoteric blog title symbolizing something deep. Last night I really built a 100 LEGO tower.

You see, two of my kids require loads of work, and yet they typically put energy back in to the family. Two of my babies don't need as much help per se, and they can just suck, suck, suck the life right out of the us.

I'm currently reading what may become one of my new favorite books on attachment disorder, (more on that later). It describes some of the sacrifices that birth children often make in families like ours. (I'll sub "healthier" for "birth" in our house.)

And it made. me. think.

So what did I do about it? Last night instead of dishes, FB, blogging, paying bills, or talking on the phone... I put two of my darlins to bed a bit early, and kept two up a bit late. Just Hanging Out.

And we built a 100 LEGO tower together.

Maybe that is deep.

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