Friday, July 6, 2012

The Long Haul

Okay, so I think it's become clear that I am a "Quick Start". I am pretty great and energetic at getting big ideas or initiating projects. 


...follow through, not so much.

Case in point, PhotoadayJune! What month is it? Oh yeah, it's JULY! I loved doing the days I did. Hit a rough patch and got a little behind. Then I pulled out my camera, pulled up the list, and had time to catch up. And it just wasn't fun anymore! No idea why. 

But I certainly shouldn't continue when it's not fun. 

Well, I'm not terminal. I have a Master's degree, so I stuck with it in school. I have been married for 23 years, so I have stuck with that -not always fun for anybody, right? But he is an Implementer, maybe the credit goes to him. 

So I'm looking at my life as a parent. Isn't it supposed to be fun? Or at least enjoyable? Or rewarding? Or tolerable?

But what about when it's not? For long seasons? And you keep trying to inject some fun, or levity, or anything. And your kids have so much pain, fear and rage that they are absolute masters of preventing enjoyment. Or punishing any fun so severely that it just seems not worth it!

How does a quick start stick with that? 

Grace. Grace alone. God's grace is given to us in direct measure according to our need. I will place my hope in that. I have to.