Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ok, So Here's What's Happening

I'm having this pretty intense dialog. Some of it is actually with my man. Most of it is with myself. This whole blogging thing is so interesting.

The Question
I think I am more of a conversational person than a dissertational (probably not a word) person. The only successful journal I've ever had was a prayer journal. Which is actually a conversation, if you think about it. In trying to get used to writing my thoughts and opinions, I find mysef asking, "Who am I?". "What is my platform?"

I'm betting it's pretty typical, but I have realized I have quite a lot to say. (I might be the only one surprised by that.) I just haven't figured out why anyone would want to read what I write!
Not that they do yet. I'm being optimistic.

I've been doing my homework. Reading other blogs like crazy, which I've never really done before. I probably shouldn't admit that. I am not really hip. I am too old to come by the whole Twitter, Pinterest thing naturally, so I'd have to be hip. Which you can tell that I'm not because I am using the word 'hip' instead of, I don't know, 'roxy' or something more, um... hip (sorry).

So the big dialog is actually kind a philosophical one. If any of the bloggers I refer to happen read this, they might take offense, and that is definitely not intended. Oh well, I'm sure I'm pretty safe!

In reading so many blogs, I see a lot of who other people are. And sometimes I think, "I wish I was more like her!" The weird thing is that I've thought this about very different styles! I totally wish I was a gifted spiritual writer like Beth Moore, or even LisaMarie. Someone who could lead other believers into a deeper, more authentic experience of Christ. Someone encouraging.

I'm not.

Then I read Welcome to My Brain, and I wish I was more edgy (yeah, and I'm so not committing to something like that!), up to date, and just downright green! But that doesn't fit either. Can you tell I like this one, though?!

WWJD- really?
The bottom line is a not so original question...What would (blogging) Jesus do? Not when He was alone with his guys, but when he was in the world. At parties. With the average people. He pointed toward God but didn't (at all) align with the 'religious' establishment. He was someone who invited conversation, and not just with people who agreed with Him. That's the line I am trying to find.
Not there yet.

The Point
So last night I said to my other half,

 "You know its often long years between a woman asking, "'Who am I?' What with wife, mother....."

And then I wondered, how is it I have the time to be pondering it at this point in my life... And I realized it's because I gave up certain things (FB, Nook...) for Lent.

A self-imposed clear-space-and-simplify-to-reflect-on-the-sacrifice kind of Lent.

And now all I think about is my new blogging addiction hobby. So you know what? I am going to commit blog suicide (although it's not really risky when you only have 5 readers. I'm lucky that way.)

Even though I have approximately one million things I want to write about, some of them already started....

I'm off. (and don't think I didn't consider typing up a bunch of stuff and then scheduling it to appear while I was gone!)

Even writing this might be cheating. Looking back.

So, aaaaaaaahhhhhh.
I'll see you after Easter (unless I'm a pillar of salt).

I love this!


  1. WHAT! I'm just getting in the habit of looking daily to see what you've written! Just think how long your mental list of things to write about will be by the time you return....maybe you need to rethink this!

    PS... LOVE the stinky feet comment!

  2. i am selfish enough to be bummed that you are going to stop blogging for awhile! i am enjoying reading everyday. And hey, sometimes i think...i wish i was more like Michaela!!! You are wonderful and i love your writing style! Of course i love your talking style too! Guess i will just have to come and talk to you in person!!! See you SOON!

  3. Okay, really, really. But thank you guys! I am feeling the love! Love you.

  4. Will miss you until you come back :)