Monday, April 16, 2012

What's Working

Hmmm... Think, think, think (Pooh's voice).

I may have been in a bit of a negative rut lately!

What's working...
(Claudia's idea)
Ok, here goes.
The baby is sleeping...... better........most nights (still too negative?). Try harder.

Um, ok-

Eating right, actually losing weight, winning an O.P.I. nail polish give away at and receiving 12 full size bottles! Seriously!

Not too exciting, but I'm on a roll...
Having my 9 1/2 year old have his first successful independent 'playdate' ever! 

And really, really.... what's working for me (us) right now is that I am finding my true passion in this wonderfully complex mixed bag that is special needs adoption.
I  -L.O.V.E.-  talking to new or hurting adoptive parents who have not yet found a community of people who get it! It just floats my boat! 
Telling someone, "This is common, it's not you, there are resources, you are not alone!" for the first time.... Priceless!
Since I started blogging I have been trying to find my voice. 'What am I blogging about?' 'Who am I blogging for?' 'What's my perspective?' etc.

And I've got it! 

It's great! Bursting with passion, joy, and excitement.
Which by the way, makes me a much better wife, mother, and friend!

That's working!


  1. Why am I learning stuff about you and your life by reading your BLOG! :-)

  2. You got TWELVE NAIL POLISHES??? That is pretty fabulous. What colours?? Gotta say, that kind of unexpected present is the best kind of pick me up. And nothing cheers the heart like beautiful nails!!

    1. Okay, weird! I found it.

      Anyway, a few more color names: 'Red Lights Ahead, Where?', 'Gouda Gouda Two Shoes', 'Roll in the Hague"!

      Not helpful, but fun! Basically 7 pearly colors and 5 matte. Really cool!

    2. Oh, I'm really glad it reappeared! (WEIRD, huh?)
      So was it the whole Dutch collection? They are some really pretty colours! I saw them the other day when I went to Sally Beauty to look at the OPI stand. Lucky you!

    3. Okay,I am so impressed at how well you know your nail polish! You are a polish (not Polish) master!

      Also feel a bit dumb that I didn't see the Holland connecting all of the names. Thanks for educating me!