Friday, April 13, 2012

The Shaken Baby Sydrome Defense? Really?

This post may seem off topic. I write it not only as a mother of sons of color. I also write as a mother of a child with 'Shaken Baby Syndrome'.
Trayvon Martin
I don't even know where to start. I guess, I just, I'm so confused.
Actually, I'm not confused!  I'm not surprised at all by the polarization occuring in the 'community' of the United States over the whole tragic Trayvon Martin case. Today I heard the following quote on a radio news talk show,
Most African American's think that Trayvon Martin was murdered in cold blood, and many, many caucasions just don't think so
The Media
This case is a perfect platform for the powers that be, the media, attorneys, etc. to gather a lot of  press. To get a lot of play out of making it a race issue.
Which it probably is, but maybe not.
It's kind of a weird thing.

Race Climate
When I read or hear people being shocked and worried for their sons who are boys or young men of color, it amazes me. Because it doesn't surprise me at all. This is a fact of life for African American young men (people) in our culture. I guess I feel like, I knew that already. I know that my children will experience completely different interactions when they walk down the street, or into stores, whatever, than they do when they are with me. Or than I do. Ever. I'll never actually experience what they do. That is the way it is in our country. Regardless of the fact that it shouldn't be. It is.

On that same talk show they were discussing the interesting fact that people have actually begun marching and protesting. Protesting, before the prosecutor had even decided whether there was a case to be filed. And she has a team of investigators to gather a load of information the media general public does not know.

The Defense
I read recently that the new defense attorney for George Zimmerman has a plan. He cites a "Shaken Baby Syndrome" defense.
Which I think is hilarious.
The idea is that Zimmerman's head struck the ground when he was under attack. So... he had a "temporary brain injury". (Conveniently hard to prove after the fact, if it's only "temporary"!)

If I were inclined to think that maybe the media is playing this "Trayvon Martin thing" for all it's worth. Reportedly showing pictures of him from when he was younger. Avoiding recent ones where he looks more 'threatening". If I am inclined to think fairly, to wait and see what the real story is.... It is horrible, but it may or may not be race related...

The fact that the defense team is considering a "Shaken Baby Syndrome" Defense, might sway me to think, "Ok, wait a minute, never mind, that is ridiculous!"
It does not inspire confidence.

All I know is that our Sunshine's brain injury is nothing like temporary! It seems like a convenient use of a hot button issue.

SO....I am on the fence. Refusing to come down on either side without more information.

Your Take
This post is so rambling it's probably impossible to follow,
 but I am wondering.....

Any thoughts?
How does this case affect your life / your children's lives?
Have you talked to your kids about this case? Race in general? And how do you talk about it?

Anyway, please forgive if at any point I sound callous. I am not. This is a tragic situation for all involved. There are limited words available to address it.

 I pray that justice is done!

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