The Family Room

Dear old Dad, awesome man of God, husband,
 father, physical therapist and athlete who doesn't
necessarily want to be written about on here!

Mom - just me
Sis (97) Also known as K-lulu, came home to us from
social services at almost 10. Gifted in crafts,
music, and sports, she is a multi-talented girl!

Love bug (04) Also known as Magoo or Little Bear, came home
to us from social services at 16 months. Former 27 week preemie,
poly-substance exposed, legally blind, mild cerebral palsy, OCD
Autistic-like symptoms. Such a fighter! A precious, musical,
 funny, sweet, courageous boy with a very loving heart!
The Dukester (02) Also known as the San Francisco Kid!
Came home to us from social services at 18 months. I'm something
 like mommy #8! Smart and active, he is our future auctioneer,
or tour director. 
Sunshine! Sweetness and light!
Came home to us at 4 1/2 months,
Lots and lots of disabilities related
to "non-accidental" brain injury.


  1. What a fantastic family! Obviously very lovable!

  2. Love you and your family! I am enjoying your blog and as always keeping you in my prayers!!