Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daddy Time

Tonight we had a conflict. It doesn't happen often. We bicker a lot (according to the kids, who would know). But actual arguments are infrequent.

It was one of those days where we had to meet on the road to swap kids. I really don't like when we have to do that. It was just a matter of too much to do in one day, and a slight miscommunication...

I thought he said, "I'll be right there". What he actually said was, "I don't have time for that"!

That miscommunication made him late to teach a class. And he got a little upset. So needless to say, after we met up, exchanged the kids, exchanged a few words of..."well, if you just..." (You get the picture.) I was still a little steamed when we got home.

And then I find that not only is dinner all cooked and ready to eat, but he made 'Pizza Faces' with the boys! A home school project based on the reader Lovebug (my legally blind kiddo) has been reading.
(Make a Pizza Face by David Drew)
Smiley #1

Smiley #2

And apparently Daddy got ahold of the rest of the toppings.
What a guy!
I guess I can't be grumpy anymore.

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  1. What a fun project! I will have to look the book up!