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Adoption Life Books

I recently decided that if I didn't do a life book for my 7 year old now, I never would. And that's not fair. His brother has had one since he was 3 (before the population increase - no excuse, I know). All those years ago I bought the book , Lifebooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child. Can't seem to find it anymore so I went searching online for some fresh ideas. You know, there's just not a lot of free life book text out there. So, here's one of ours...

It was written for a 7 year old who is beginning to read chapter books so it's kind of long. Also, I am working really hard to finish things before they're perfect (so things actually get done!) Please take it for what it's worth.

Each section is a page to fit with the photos we have available.
 This is D.
His full name is ADM. He is named after a famous Hawaiian surfer, Duke Kahanamoku. D is seven years old, and 48 3/4 inches tall. 

D lives with his Mom and Dad and his brother K. He also has an older sister, and a baby sister who is not adopted yet. They have a horse, a dog, and three barn cats. 

D loves to play Legos. He also likes to see the lights on fire trucks when he’s in the car.   D’s room is green and has a fishing theme. Dressing up in nice clothes is D’s style!

D was born on a Saturday in autumn. His birthday is ------. He was born at ___o’clock.  He was___ inches long and weighed ___. His birth name was A J S.

D grew in his birth mommy’s body. His birth mommy’s name is J. See her beautiful brown skin and eyes! We know why D is so handsome!

D had a birth father, too. We don’t know much about D’s birth father, but maybe we can guess. He might look like this.

D’s birth mommy had three babies. K is one of them. J called her Z. J also had a little boy about brother K’s age. His name is Z.

A sad thing is that D’s birth mommy was not able to take care of herself or her children so the police, social workers and a judge decided they needed to be safely cared for by a foster family. It was not D’s fault; he was just a tiny baby!

Another very sad thing is that D moved a lot as a baby. It was SO confusing. Each time he changed "mommies" Baby D thought he must have done something wrong or bad. But babies can't be bad! First, when he was newborn, D went home from the hospital with one family. We do not know that family’s name. He was moved so that he could be together with his sister K.

The next family D  and K lived with was the N family. They had one son, F, Jr. We don’t know why K and D moved to a new foster family, but we DO know it was not because of D. Remember, he was just a teeny-tiny baby.

There were at least two more families that D and K lived with. Even K has trouble remembering all of their names. Then they moved to Grandmommy’s house. They lived with Grandmommy, J, and J. D went to a babysitter every day when Grandmommy had to go to work. Her name was R and she was very special to him.

Finally, the social workers and the judge decided that D needed a forever family. They were sad that J could not take care of D and K. They decided that all of this changing of families, "mommies", houses, smells, sounds, food and everything was TOO confusing for a little baby. It wasn't his fault. Grandmommy had an idea! She said to herself, “I am too old to raise a baby, I am a grandma! But I really love these kiddos… It would be great to be family with them.” She told D’s Mommy and Daddy that he was going to need a forever family. Mommy and Daddy said, “That’s us!”

Mommy and Daddy moved back to California from Idaho where they were living so they could get ready for D to come live with them. D and K visited Mommy and Daddy’s house in California several times to get used to the smells, sounds and all the different stuff, including a brother, K!  It was still scary and sad when they moved in with Mommy and Daddy, though. D missed Grandmommy and R so much!

The forever family went to the courthouse for the adoption day. D got to sit in the judge’s chair! Then they had a luau party on the driveway and the grandmas came. It was so fun!

Now D lives in P with his forever family. They have an apple orchard and a horse! D helps his dad with the yard work. One exciting family tradition is that the birthday boy picks his desert every year. This year D might pick apple crisp.

When D grows up he wants to be a fire fighter. Even though everything hasn't gone as hoped or easily in his life; God planned D, God made D and loves him. God has a purpose for D. The big adventure will be seeing all that God has in store for D's future!

Wherever D goes and whatever he does he will always be a loved and important part of the M family!

It is basically complete. Can't wait to see how he wants to arrange the pictures! Still, I would appreciate a comment if you see any glaring issues.

Also, if it helps you, let me know!

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  1. I think it's beautiful! I love the flow of it. No doubt he is very excited about his very own Lifebook! I would LOVE to see the final product.